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"Tender Constructions", Carolina Ponte & Pedro Varela at Cité Internationale des Arts

The Cité internationale des arts – Marais site manages an exhibition space of 525m², made up of 7 bright rooms spread over 3 floors and located at the corner of the streets of the Hôtel de Ville and Geoffroy l’Asnier, in front of the Saint-Louis Island. Under condition of hiring, the Cité internationale des arts can host exhibition, fairs or shows.

"Tender Constructions", Carolina Ponte & Pedro Varela

As part of the Week of Latin America and Caribbean, “Tender Constructions” offers a dialogue between the works of two Brazilian artists, Carolina Ponte and Pedro Varela. Both work to extend the perception boundaries of drawing. Some of their works remain on paper, but they intend to explore the different ways in which drawing can influence other media such as sculpture, installation, ceramics, painting and photography; this link between their approaches is also to be seen in the form of the works. The artists here create an assemblage of varied references, similar to a mental collage.

Carolina Ponte will present drawings elaborated by overlaying arabesques, ornaments and abstract shapes coming from architecture and decoration of different places and ages. Along with these works, the artist will present crochet sculptures forming three-dimensional drawing in which the lines detach from their support to invade the exhibition space. In creating the nodes of the crochet points, the threads gain body and take on the space, composing a multi-coloured flora. Carolina Ponte is laureate of the Visual Arts peer-session of the Cité internationale des arts.

Pedro Varela presents utopian cityscapes and lysergic forests that float and dissolve in the void. The buildings of these cities and tropical landscapes are built through a mixture of memories, real architecture details, artistic references and imaginary shapes. He creates a complex universe that breaks the bond with original references, replacing the recognition of the appropriated architecture and flora with a familiar sense of déjà vu. For the exhibition, the artist will present drawings on rice paper, and a paper cut installation.

The artists have already presented duo exhibitions such as "Pontos de Encontro - Carolina Ponte and Pedro Varela" at the Caixa Cultural de Salvador in Brasil, in 2011 and ECCO Brasilia, in 2009, and also a presentation at Untitled Art in Miami, in 2016.

For this evening, the Brazilian artists Carolina Ponte and Pedro Varela will enrich the inauguration of their duo exhibition in the Galerie with a presentation of works establishing a dialog between their individual practices. The discussion, hosted by Isabel Junqueira, Brazilian cultural journalist based in Paris since ten years and working for medias such as Vogue, Piauí or Folha de São Paulo and Maria do Mar Guinle, artistic adviser will take place in the Auditorium. Maria do Mar Guinle has been curator of severals projects presenting emerging Brazilian artists since her first exhibition in 2008, “Paper Trail : 15 Brazilian Artists” at the Allsopp Contemporary in London. She opened the MDM Gallery in Paris in 2012 and is working with Brazilian artists and galleries in Europe.

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017, 7 pm, at the Auditorium / 8 pm, at the Galerie Exhibition until June 30th,2017. Free entrance, 2-7 pm, closed in Sun. and Monday June 5th Free entrance, subject to availability

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